Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund

Partnership To Create Wealth & Social Well Being
The Team, The Market, The Technology, and The Business Model are the four most important components MLSCF will assess in evaluating companies for investments.

Investment Criteria: Team

We invest in people – we seek seasoned entrepreneurs who have passion coupled with the requisite skill set, for success. We value relationship and view each investment as a partnership. We build and enhance skills. We evaluate teams and look for positive references from our extensive network of contacts in the specified community before we invest in any opportunity.

Investment Criteria: Market

While we seek large market opportunities, smaller but high-margin niche markets will not be ignored. We will balance the market size with cost to launch a product or technology. While it’s often difficult to forecast market size, particularly in nascent marketplace, we still look for a realistic analysis of the size of a market, after segmenting by target customers via both a top-down and bottom-up analysis.

Investment Criteria: Technology

We believe that there are two types of technical innovation – True Break Through and Faster, Better and Cheaper Companies – we partner with both. Companies with true breakthroughs are visionary companies innovating as the originator or first mover in a category while fast followers bring in new technology to better solve a problem. Clearly, the challenges for both types of companies have distinctive characteristics. For Break Through Companies, strategic positioning, innovation and talented management teams able to navigate through uncharted waters are essential. For Faster, Better, Cheaper Companies, their executive management teams need to champion the execution and the positioning of the company versus their competitive alternatives.

Investment Criteria: Business Model

We seek companies who have a well-defined model clearly articulating how they will develop, market and get paid for their products or services, and a well-articulated financial plan for the amount of capital it will take to do so. We seek companies with business models that create and capture value.

Investment Criteria: Malaysia Centricity

The MLSCF is committed in using its capital and global network to assist Malaysia in accelerating the development of its biotech sector as quickly as possible. To this end, the MLSCF will give preference to companies founded in Malaysia , willing to set up operations in Malaysia , or partner with Malaysian companies or institutions; or at the very least, having technologies and products consistent with the goals of the Malaysian biotech policy.